Over-the-counter medicinal products for home and
first-aid kit, both allopathic and homeopathic.
Strict monitoring. A wide range of premium-
quality medicinal products and regular testing
of source materials and drugs serve to guarantee
our public supply mandate.
We regularly produce the following pharmaceutical
substances on doctor’s prescription or your own request.


– Ointments, cremes,gels and pastes
– Suspensions and emulsions
– Suppositories and ovules
– Capsules, powders, granulates
– Drops, fluids, eye drops, nose sprays
– And much more

International Pharmacy


As a modern pharmacy we are able to request
information for foreign medicines and also to order
them for you. The prerequisite for ordering a drug approved
abroad is generally a doctor’s prescription.


Veterinary Medicinal Products


Medicine for your four-legged friends?
Approach us for all your conventional, herbal
or homeopathic options.


Medicinal Plants


We carry a wide range of certified medicinal
tea drugs for your very own tea blend, as
loose single tea leaves, or our in-house tea blend
such as:


– Sour Tea
– Bladder and Kidney Tea
– Tee for Sleep and Stress Relief
– Tea for Cough Relief
– Tea for Digestive Health
– Pregnancy Tea
– Lactation Tea




Homeopathy was developed in the 19th century
by Samuel Hahnemann and is often used as an
alternative to conventional medical treatments.
Our employees regularly seek information from
trusted homeopaths about dosage, risks and interaction
with other medicines. Only if the particular homeopathical
resources are used correctly and competently,
you will achieve the desired effect.


We always have a lot of these gentle natural remedies
in stock and put them together individually for
the various symptoms.
You want to know more about the countless
Possibilities of treatments wit alternative remedies?
Then we look forward to your visit.


Aroma Therapy


Even in ancient times, fragrant essences played an
important role in many of the advanced civilizations.
The pharaohs and kings wrapped themselves in the most
precious and noble fragrances; for with fragrance
and scents were associated divinity, purity and power.
Even then, however, aromatic essences were not only
used for beauty and well-being, but were also an integral
part of natural medicine in the form of ointments,
baths, liniments, inhalations and massages.


Aromatherapy is thus not a new invention of the
wellness industry, but a method proven for thousands
of years to positively influence body, mind and soul.
The easily volatile ethereal oils have an important
function in their respective parent plant to protect
the plant from attackers, from heat and cold as well as
from annoying insects, just as they attract bees with
their scents and thus contribute to the
reproduction of the species.
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Kosmetik aus der Apotheke ist qualitativ hochwertig, nachweislich effektiv und eignet sich auch für Menschen mit Hautproblemen . Als unser größtes Sinnesorgan verdient sie daher besondere Aufmerksamkeit, wenn es zu ihrer Pflege kommt. Wir führen für Sie folgende Kosmetiklinien:



Bach Flower Remedies


The Original Bach ® Flower Remedies! In the 1930s
Englishman Edward Bach defined 38 fundamental
emotional states and used them to develop
corresponding flower essences. These are known
as the original Bach® flower remedies. He used
flowers of wild growing plants and trees as well as
rock water to produce them. The original Bach® Flower
Remedies can support us to face the emotional
challenges of daily life. You can take one single Bach®
Flower remedy, or you can also tailor and mix them
for your particular emotional situation. Besides the
original Bach® Flower essences, Edward Bach
conceptualized the well-known original RESCUE®
mix, a combination of five original Bach ® flower essences.
It can be used for demanding daily situations.


Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a renowned
researcher. He spent his last years of life in a
small house in the county of Oxfordshire.
Today, this house is known as Bach Centre.
Until today, most flowers and plants are
collected at the original places of discovery
in the garden of the Bach Centre, as Edward
Bach did in the 1930s. Until now the
production of the original Bach® flower
remedies follows Edward Bach’s original

Nutritional Supplements


PURE CAPS – Logo von hier

Pure Encapsulations® has been synonymous with
top-quality nutritional supplements for around 30 years.
With PURE CAPS we offer a comprehensive range
of scientifically based nutrient preparations that are
characterized by maximum agreeableness and ideal
bioavailability. Maximum agreeableness


– free from unnecessary additives and preservatives
– free from lactose, fructose* and gluten
– free from artificial colorants and coatings
– free from EU major allergens*

– free from trans fats and hardened fats

– free from release agents such as magnesium stearate and shellac

Pure Encapsulations® stands for highest quality

– from product development according to the

latest scientific findings, through the selection

of raw materials and ongoing controls during

the manufacturing process, to the finished

micronutrient product. This care is guaranteed

by adherence to the strictest quality standards

and confirmed by independent certifications.



XBODY® fitness nutrition provides a successful nutritional

concept for highest demands. This concept was developed

especially for athletes and in collaboration with

pharmacists and sports physicians based on high-quality

dietary foods as well as nutritional supplements

in conjuncture with an exceptionally positive flavor.

However, more and more people outside of the sports

world are also discovering, the benefits of a diet tailored

to their individual needs. Right here, the products

of XBODY® provide a positive contribution to a vital

and figure-conscious nutrition.


For more than 10 years, XBODY® has been

representing premium products that support

muscle development and fat reduction as well

as the improvement of performance and

vitality. The XBODY® products are produced in

Germany under DIN ISO 9001:2000 and the

HACCP quality control concept. They are

marketed exclusively in pharmacies.

We are looking forward to your visit.


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